Salt Casting.... and other thoughts....


It's been a while since I've done a blog post! Here I am! I have been extremely busy with new motherhood lately which has taken up nearly all of my time. I've managed to squeeze in a little play time with my torch, and have fallen in love with a new casting technique... salt casting! This is a method in which you melt down silver and cast it into salt rocks. The silver solidifies upon hitting the salt, and creates these beautiful abstract coral looking pieces. The first piece pictured here was made with all scrap silver. I just threw it all in the crucible! After the pendant was cast and finished, I weighed it out to be just a little over 2 ounces! The second one pictured is half an ounce of silver. (More reasonable, and wearable) This one was also made with a mixture of fine and sterling silver scrap. I am thinking of teaching this class in the shop... comment below if you would be interested in making one of these beauties with me! 


Salt casting

I’d like to see the pictures


Hi Jill! Sorry about that something must have went wrong. I just uploaded them again. Can you see them now?

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